Zoe White-Chambers

Zoe is an artist and musician from North Devon, England

who works in oils upon a variety of re-cycled wooden surfaces

from old floor boards and cupboard doors to the inside of cuckoo clocks.

Zoe studied at Falmouth College of Arts and then went on to study

Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art, combining her skills

as an artist with her love of music and performance.

After spending time in London she returned to the Westcountry.

Zoe explores subjects very close to her heart stemming from growing up

on a North Devon farm with the animals that made such an

impression on her childhood.


Vera Kitchen has become a leading character in Zoe's artwork,

named after her grandmother, who along with Vera White

her mothers mother and the very first duck named is part of a

growing family, The Vera Kitchen Family.

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